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Point Lookout in the early years consisted of a Coast Guard Station, Ellison's Hotel and about 12 to 15 summer bungalows. It was used mostly by folks coming from the mainland just for a day at the beach which was mostly Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Some folks may enjoy reading of the early years of Nassau-By-The-Sea. This is relating to the year 1907 and possibly a little before. At that time, the property could not be purchased - it could only be leased from year to year. There were about 200 bungalows stretched along the oceanfront and in front of the bungalows theta were large paths where the residents walked to the ocean. A couple of times during the season when the moon was full and the tide high, the ocean rushed through at a few low spots and met with the bay - it sometimes flooded in back of the bungalows where the outhouses were located but it never caused any problem. This was really roughing it -- but oh, what fun!


Transportation to this vacation spot was by ferry from Freeport, unless one had their own boat. There was a Post Office, General Store and Hotel. Tom Dier was the Post Master and also accommodated residents by selling, and delivering, ice, ice cream, soda, candy, post-cards and what have you. In 1927 most of the bungalows burned down with the exception of a few that were moved to Point Lookout or floated to Short Beach.


It was about 1925 when it was decided to start filling in the marsh land from Long Beach to Point Lookout. The sand was dredged from Reynolds Channel to prepare a base for a road. We recall many times in 1926 and 1927 traveling by car over the settled sand to get the bungalows, In 1928, the Point Realty Corporation was formed and started to develop Point Lookout. We were one of the first to build at Bellmore Avenue; at that time there were no paved streets, only sidewalks and curbs.


A few years later the first apartment building with stores was built at the corner of Lido Boulevard and Parkside Drive, which still remains today. From that time on,Point Lookout grew in leaps and bounds.

-Lou and Cathleen Sherman


Excerpt appears courtesy of The Point Lookout Historical Society and Don Kelly

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